"My partner and I participated in your Angel Island Adventure, and it was truly a top-notch adventure! Your guides made us feel comfortable and capable. They were easy to adopt as friends. If was amazing to see the island and the Bay from the perspective of a being in a kayak. Thank you for a rich experience."
John Richmondson








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Angel Island State Park, in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, is a fantastic sea kayaking destination. Just a few highlights will be views of San Francisco, Mt. Tamalpais, and Mt. Diablo; dramatic cliffs, quiet beaches, and historic sites. All this will be absorbed while you are paddling a stable, two-person kayak. This trip is ideal for a first-time kayaker.
Time: 10:30am-1pm offered
on selected Sundays, please see schedule
$75 per person
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Trip Details

  • You can take either the Tiburon Ferry or the Fisherman's Wharf Pier 41 Ferry. The Tiburon Ferry leaves hourly from 10 am to 5 pm. Check out the ferry schedule online or call (415) 435-2131 for recorded rates and schedules. The Fisherman's Wharf Ferry leaves SF at 9:30 am and 11:30 am. It returns to SF at 3 pm and 4:40 pm. Check out the the ferry schedule online or call (415) 773-1188 #7 for recorded rates and schedules.
  • All trips begin and end to the right of the ferry landing in Ayala Cove on Angel Island.
  • You'll find your guides and kayaks on the beach in Ayala Cove.
  • We will paddle along the protected east shore of the island. Our route may include paddling by the Chinese Immigration Station or beyond to Quarry Beach before returning along the same route protected from the westerly winds. On this trip you'll paddle about 3.5 miles.

Angel Island Fascinating Facts:

  • The island is approximately 5.5 miles in circumference.
  • The island's highest point is Mt. Livermore at 780 ft.
  • Angel Island's history includes being a Coastal Miwok village, a whaler's and pirate's hideout, a ranch for raising cattle, a military base during the Civil War and the Spanish American War, and a military induction center during World War I. The top of Mt. Livermore is also the site of a Nike missile installation.
Signing up with Sea Trek: Please make trip reservations early as they fill up quickly. All Sea Trek events are subject to cancellation due to weather and lack of paddlers. If Sea Trek cancels at any time, or if you cancel one week or more prior to your trip, there is no charge. If you cancel within a week of your trip, you will be charged the full amount. There is no refund, However you may have someone else take your place if you choose. We are happy to reschedule you for another trip this year, for an additional $25 per person. Sorry, there is no refund or credit for no shows.