We are monitoring the ever changing situation with Coronavirus and the impact to adventure travel and local recreation. We commit to keeping this page updated with changes as we learn more about this fluctuating situation.

First, a quick note from Galen and the Sea Trek Team:

For over three decades, you have trusted Sea Trek with your precious recreation and vacation time. You have counted on us to keep you safe and secure while paddling and exploring the Bay Area and beyond. This is not an assignment we take lightly, regardless of the circumstances. Our team has worked together to ensure the best possible experience from the time you first contact us to the time you say goodbye, whether that is here in Sausalito, or at an airport in another country. We all understand the value of meaningful experiences or travel, but we recognize that this luxury can’t come at just any cost.

Our hearts go out to everyone adversely affected by this nasty virus. Our sincere thanks are extended to those on the front lines committed to treating and taking care of those contracting or exposed to COVID-19. As things unfold, we are all seeing the impact close to home emotionally and economically. We will do whatever we can to continue to support all those fighting the good fight.

All that said, we have taken a hard look at various policies in place; some have been implemented for many years and have always been some of the most customer-friendly in the business. At times like this, that’s just not enough. We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and its impact on your paddling and travelling with us. Our mantra around the office at this time is: “Individually we are a drop, together we are the ocean!” We are meeting this challenge together.

May 4th – Update:

Sea Trek is open May 5th at 9 am Yahoo! We are very excited to be able to offer safer paddling experiences to our customers.

It is very important that everyone follows our new policies and procedures to ensure we are able to stay open.

HOURS OF OPERATION FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 5th: Tuesday, 9 am – 5pm | Wed. – Friday 7 am – 6pm | Saturday and Sunday 7 am – 1pm. We have chosen to reduce our hours over the weekend in order to prevent overcrowding. Thank you for your understanding.

At Sea Trek, your safety ( as always)  is our priority. There are significant changes to our rental process in the effort to keep you and our staff safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read our new rental procedures careful to insure you are ready to paddle when you arrive at Sea Trek. Thank you!


April 24th Update on Local Trips, Classes, Rentals and Memberships

We plan to open for rentals as soon as outdoor activities are allowed under the Marin Shelter in Place Orders.

We’ll be implementing new policies and procedures to our rental process in order to keep our clients and staff safe. We’ll update this page with the new rental process which will include reservations to limit the number of people showing at the same time.

All publicly scheduled trips and classes are suspended until further notice. We’ll continue to evaluate our ability to run safe trips and classes based on Local and State Public Health recommendations.

If you are interested in a private trip or class please send us an email at paddle@seatrek.com. Our hope is to be able to offer small private activities once we are able to open.