galen-Licht-kokatat      Galen Licht has been paddling since about the time he could walk. His love for kayaking has taken him to rivers all over the US, Chile and Canada. He won the 2010 Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Contest and has been in the top three in World Championships in Spain, Costa Rica and Ireland. He has also won multiple white water rodeo competitions. Kayaking has long been a source of inspiration and adventure for Galen and he looks forward to sharing it with kids on Sea Trek’s summer camps. In 2010 he graduated from UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Studies.

Steve Hayward our General Manager, has paddled in Patagonia, Belize, Guatemala, Ireland and Baja. A few years ago he moved from his boat on the Sausalito waterfront to a lovely cottage one block away from Sea Trek. He lives with his wife Hanneke and his two children Lucas and Tossa. If you are up early enough you will see him out for his morning run. For the past 20 years he has anchored the business. You will see him behind the counter when you come down to rent on the weekends.

Mitch Powers has been at Sea Trek the past 18 years. He is our Senior Guide, staffing and programs manager and a Baja trip leader. When he’s not paddling he’s usually working on the next book. His books are available on; including “The Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book,” and “First Strokes” an instructional book for sit-on top and sit-inside kayaks. Winters you’ll often find Mitch exploring Central America “pura vida” style!
LeoStafffPix  Leo Siecienski began paddling canoes at the tender age of three in his home state of Connecticut.  But quickly found a love for Sea Kayaking  and ultimately became an ACA certified Sea Kayak Instructor in 2005.  He loves all things biking as well as stand up paddle boarding.  We are most proud of his SUP headstand!  Leo likes to say, “There is a place for every person in paddle sports!”
  Sarah Quick has led trips and traveled to over 60 countries. These expedition skills have proven extremely useful in her current job as a “stay at home” mother of twin girls. She is an avid swimmer, surfer as well as paddler. For more than a decade she has been a core Sea Trek instructor.
 marce_kayaking2  Marce Wise Raised in the land-locked Midwest, Marcé ran away to sea more than twenty-five years ago, and found her true home.  An Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer Educator for the ACA, as well as the ACA Pacific Division Chairman and Division Instructional Facilitator, she says teaching kayaking nourishes her soul. Marcé has owned her own kayak school, trained Eco-Challenge teams, organized expeditions in Baja and British Columbia, and has worked as a kayak instructor for over 20 years.  Marcé is tough to miss on the water, with her sunny smile, pink Dry top, purple kayak and sparkly fingernails.  Don’t let the glam fool you though – her “most favorite thing” to do is spend the day in the exposed rock gardens off the California coast, dancing and soaring through the salty spray.
 TossaPix  Tossa Hayward grew up in Sausalito, and has developed a love for being in nature, especially on the water, through her experiences with kayaking, first as a toddler in the front of her dads boat, then as a Sea Trek camper in Sausalito and Tomales Bay, and finally as a guide. She spends most of her time out of doors, hiking, climbing and paddling, or in the theater, rehearsing for her next show. At Sea Trek you’ll find her leading the kid’s camps, or behind the rental desk on weekends.
Art Noll is an avid cyclist, mad mechanic, world traveler and attempted poet. Art spends his free time tinkering and dreaming up his next big trip, be it bicycle touring, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas or threading a roadster through New Zealand mountain passes. His kayaking has taken him to the Mississippi River, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and The Florida Everglades.
LeighPix Leigh Claxton founded OnBoardSUP Yoga in 2009. She has been teaching here in Richardson Bay since then and now has joined our Sea Trek family as our Stand Up Paddle Expert.  She is a founding member, Instructor Trainer and Advisor for the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association.  She leads outdoor classes, retreats and workshops in Stand-up Paddling, mountain biking, and snowshoeing. She balances her outdoor endeavors by teaching Yoga, Balance Dynamics and Pilates. Leigh leads at least one of our Baja Retreats annually with Meditation and OnBoardSUP Yoga.
 Nick Suzuki is a familiar face around Sea Trek’s beach rental operation and also helps guide our kids camps. Nick is a graduate of Tamalpais High where he played varsity football, baseball and lacrosse. After graduating from Tamalpais High School Nick traveled to Bolivia with Habitat for Humanity. He did a stint in the navy and is now finishing his undergraduate degree with a focus on geology.
11154714_10104716199809596_2656891072214646551_o Gray Claxton graduated from the University of Redlands in 2010 with a BA in Environmental Studies and worked as a green building and environmental design consultant for three years. He now spends Feb through April in the Sea of Cotez as a paddleboard/kayak/naturalist guide and Chef for Sea Trek. When he is home in the Bay Area he guides day trips and teaches lessons. Gray spends winters Antarctica with Quark Expeditions leading the Stand Up Paddleboard program in the Antarctic Peninsula. Gray is certified as an Instructor Trainer (level two) for the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association; has certificates in Wilderness First Aid; CPR and First Aid through the AHA and Alpine Skills Association; and has completed the Maritime STCW-95.
Hannah Evans has paddled everywhere from Maine to Hawaii to Baja.  It is clear that she is most at home on the water.  Her kind energy and inclusive nature instantly makes her participants comfortable.  She is an amazing camp counselor, guide, and can be found running our front desk on weekends.   Raised by a very outdoorsy family she can be found spending most of her free time in a forest, on a mountain, or on the water.  She is currently going to the University of Montana but spends her breaks guiding through out Northern California.

Andrew Miller is a Marin native and spends much of his time hiking, kayaking, Stand Up paddling and climbing in the Bay Area. As a student at Washington University in St. Louis, he has gained a greater appreciation for returning home to California’s great outdoors and the San Francisco Bay. He’s a lifelong Cal fan but promises to be equally nice to customers from the Stanford community. Look for him on our beach helping put people on the water who come to rent kayaks and paddleboards.

Geneva Gondak is an outdoor enthusiast and in her free time she loves to camp, hike, and of course, paddle. Geneva began her time with Sea Trek years ago as a camper. She loved her kayaking experiences so much that once she aged out of camp she immediately got a job at Sea Trek! Nowadays you can find her guiding Sea Trek’s kids camps or happily renting out boats and boards on the beach.
Kirk McLaughlin has been in love with sea kayaking since 1988, having paddled in Alaska, Baja, Belize and all over California. He brings his passion for the natural world on every trip with his 20+ years of environmental education and an endless breadth of “factoids.” Kirk’s love of kayaking extends to rivers and ocean surfing where you’ll often see him riding waves at Bolinas as he stays in shape for his 4th trip down the Grand Canyon in 2011.
AliLinoPix  Ali Lino is a native of Pt. Reyes Station in West Marin, started swimming on Tomales Bay at the age of two and has been drawn to the water ever since. She scuba dives, surfs and has been a rafting guide on many North American rivers. Ali started her career at Sea Trek when she was still in middle school. Now you’ll see her guiding our Sausalito and Tomales trips and helping out at the beach. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz in Fine Arts.