Introductory Stand Up Paddle Board Class

Beginner SUP Class in the San Francisco Bay

Learn the basics and get comfortable on a board.

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Introductory Sea Kayaking Class

Learn essential rescues and build confidence in the water.

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Intermediate Paddling Class

Fine tune your strokes and rescues

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Kayaking and SUP Classes ranging from beginner to advanced skills

Want to gain the necessary skill and experience to pilot a kayak or stand up paddleboard by yourself? Sea Trek offers several types of classes for both kayakers and stand up paddlers, catering to a variety of skill levels. We have excellent instructors who get plenty of one-on-one time with each student, and we have plenty of equipment for you to use.

  • Introductory Stand Up Paddleboard Class

    Learn the basics of stand up paddling. Learn how to stand up on your board, basic paddling techniques.
    No experience necessary

  • Intermediate Stand Up Paddleboard Class

    Develop your SUPing skills. Learn new strokes and build confidence.
    Intro class required

  • Advanced Stand Up Paddleboard Class

    Refine your skills and learn new strokes and board handling skills. Take your SUPing to the next level.
    Intermediate class required.

  • SIT-ON-TOP Kayak Class

    Sit-on-top kayaks are an easy way to get on the water and enjoy a paddling adventure. In this class we’ll practice all the basic strokes, review safety concerns, tides/currents and weather. Short kayak tour included.
    For first timers and beginners

  • Introductory Sea Kayaking Class

    Gain the skills and confidence to get in the water and start paddling your kayak on your own.
    No experience necessary

  • Rescues Sea Kayak Class

    Practice your Sea Kayak rescues in this class and enhance your on water safety.
    Experience Necessary - Intro Class

  • Intermediate Sea Kayaking Class

    Learn some of the finer points of kayaking, new strokes, boat handling and maneuvering.
    Intro class required

  • Advance Sea Kayak Class

    Cross the bay to Angel Island, where you can work on braces, rescues, navigation, and more.
    Intermediate Class required

  • Sea Kayak Skills Class Package

    Sign up for all three kayak classes (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced) and get a discount!
    No experience necessary

  • Kayak Roll Class

    Rolling your kayak when it gets overturned is a useful advanced skill! Learn how to do it here.
    Intro class required

  • OnBoardSUP Yoga and Fitness Classes

    Practice Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard in the San Francisco Bay.
    No experience required