About Sea Trek

37 years of connecting people to the water

Our Story

Bob Licht founded Sea Trek in 1982. It was the first commercial sea kayaking business in California. The company is now run by Bob’s son, Galen, who continues the commitment to service and safety that has made Sea Trek such a success. By hiring friendly, professional guides and working to develop relationships with our clients, Sea Trek maintains the personal touch of a family business even as its services and options continue to expand. We now offer classes, trips, and rentals for both ocean kayaks and stand up paddleboards. Whatever your skill level and experience, you will find the Sea Trek staff ready to help make your adventure safe and enjoyable.

Of course, the service and personal care we offer on wilderness adventures would be nothing without the wilderness. Whether you are kayaking through the vibrant protected waters of Richardson Bay, taking a weeklong excursion on the Sea of Cortez, or paddling underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, you will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking sights. Sea Trek is committed to preserving these areas’ natural beauty, and employs environmentally-conscious practices to ensure that our impact on these ecosystems is minimal.

Our Team

bob light

Bob Licht

Founder / Co-Owner

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Bob Licht founded Sea Trek in 1982. He has been in the Bay Area since 1969 when he graduated from UC Berkeley. He taught in inner city schools in New York and returned to the Bay Area to teach in the alternative outdoor adventure programs at Tamalpais High School from 1971-1978. In 1973 he started a commercial whitewater rafting company on the South Fork American. In 1975 he began exploring the waters of Baja California, Mexico and started one of the first commercial sea kayaking companies from the town of Loreto, Baja Sur.
Having gotten excited about the potential of exploring the Baja coast and seeing the potential of the kayak as another conveyance for adventure, he began paddling in San Francisco Bay. The possibilities for experiencing adventure were endless. The ever changing wind and current conditions were as much a challenge as any whitewater river and he didn’t need to drive hours on congested highways to get to the put-in. He sold his river company in 1982 and immediately opened Sea Trek at Schoonmaker Point in Sausalito. As they say, the rest is history. Sea kayaking grew from an unknown adventure activity where Bob knew every person that paddled on the Bay to a mainstream sport with thousands of people enjoying the fruits of kayaking and paddleboarding on saltwater.


Galen Licht

Ceo / Co-Owner

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Galen Licht has been paddling since about the time he could walk. His love for kayaking has taken him to rivers all over the US, Chile and Canada. He won the 2010 Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Contest and has been in the top three in World Championships in Spain, Costa Rica and Ireland. Galen graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies. His studies took him to Peru to Study Climate Change and the impact it is having on the livelihoods of rural Andean populations. After completing his studies he continued to work in the outdoor education and leadership industry. As Director of the UCSC Wilderness Orientation Program he introduced a Sea Kayaking program that has continued to attract students of diverse backgrounds. Most recently before Sea Trek, Galen worked with NOLS leading 30 day expeditions in Alaska. He has taught leadership skills to US Naval Cadets, College Students, Corporate Executives, Teens and a variety of Inner City groups. He now lives on a 36 ft motor boat in one of the Sausalito Marina’s with his girlfriend, Kiki.


Steve Hayward

Director of Baja / Camp Programs

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Steve has been guiding, developing programs, and managing for Sea Trek for over 25 years. He has enjoyed paddling in Chile, Alaska, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Wales, BC, and Baja. Steve has been our Baja Program director for 15 years now. With the advent of SUP, Steve has been focused on developing exciting inter-island adventures via paddle boards, on our traditional kayaking routes down in Baja. He is fully committed to “downwind” paddling during the tempestuous “el Norte” blows we see in the mid-winter on the Sea of Cortez, and enjoys free diving and sharing the many secrets of the unforgettable desert and marine environment of this unique and memorable part of Mexico on the calmer days. He will usually be the first person you see when you step of the plane down in Loreto for our Baja tours, and if he shows up in your camp later in the week, you can be sure he will likely have something fresh and delicious from the sea to deliver!

Mitch Powers

Mitch Powers

Staffing and Programs Manager

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Mitch Powers has worked at Sea Trek for the past 22 years. He’s a Senior Guide, one of our Stand Up paddle instructors and our staffing and programs manager. Aside from Sea Trek and the paddling lifestyle Mitch is an author and has 8 books self-published on including The Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book, and First Strokes an instructional book for sit-on top and sit-inside kayaks. Taking time off during the winter months allows Mitch to work on the next book.




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Born and raised in Buenos Aires , Argentina, I grew up sculling and kayaking from a young age, blame my dad. My passion for the water and this lifestyle came with me when I moved to New York City in early 2005. It was in the Big Apple where I dove in head first in the watersports industry becoming a certified guide and instructor at Manhattan Kayak Company at age 19. A decade later, I ventured into my first solo, unsupported expedition when I paddleboarded around Long Island. A trip that would be the tip of the iceberg, really. Six months later, together with LouAnne Harris we paddled 1500 miles from NYC to Miami on, again, an unsupported expedition by SUP, becoming the Atlantic SUPergirls. Lover of all human powered water crafts, I kayak, surfski, prone and stand up paddle and well as OC and still sculls once in a while. Looking to get into windsurfing soon!




Art Noll Baja Guide



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Art Noll is an avid cyclist, mad mechanic, world traveler and attempted poet. Art spends his free time free-diving, tinkering or dreaming up his next big trip, be it bicycle touring, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas or threading a roadster through New Zealand mountain passes. His favorite paddling experiences include Baja, Thailand, The Mighty Mississippi and Backwater Bayous of SW Florida. Art defines a good day as one in which he spends more time in the water than on land.



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The daughter of a long-time female Grand Canyon river guide, Kiki was raised on the desert rivers of the American Southwest. She loves showing people places where few people get to go, where free-flowing rivers and dark skies still exist. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Along with her summer season in California and Idaho, she guides full spring and fall seasons in the Grand Canyon with Canyon Explorations.”

Peter Donohue



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Peter Donohue has been paddling seriously since 2003, and guiding and instructing since 2009. He is certified by the ACA as a level 4 Open Water Sea Kayak instructor. He loves paddling in the rock gardens of the exposed coast, and is a member of the Neptune’s Rangers Ocean Whitewater Team ( He was the founder and editor of California Kayaker Magazine ( Originally from New York, he has an MBA and used to work in corporate international marketing, including having lived in Korea and Japan, but has since chosen the quieter life of a kayak professional.

leigh claston on a sup



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Leigh founded OnBoardSUP Yoga in 2009. She has been teaching here in Richardson Bay since then. She is a founding member, Instructor Trainer and Advisor for The Professional Stand Up Paddle Association and has Stand Up Paddle Master Certificates with the PSUPA, US Coast Guard and WSUPA (World Stand Up Paddle Association). In addition to teaching Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes on the boards, Leigh is a guide for Sea Trek, and teaches SUP Certifications, lessons, clinics and leads at least two Sea Trek Baja Retreats annually.

sarah quick



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Sarah has led trips and traveled to over 60 countries. These expedition skills have proven extremely useful in her current job as a “stay at home” mother of twin girls. She is an avid swimmer, surfer as well as paddler. For more than a decade she has been a core Sea Trek instructor.

Bob Seatrek



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Bob has been part of the Seatrek family for over 25 years. He was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin. He caught the kayaking ‘bug’ in the late 80’s after doing one of our Baja expeditions. Following his retirement 10 years ago from a career in banking, he became a guide for us. You will find him leading trips from Sausalito, Tomales Bay and one of his favorite places on the planet, Baja California.
He has traveled extensively. At last count, he had visited over 100 countries and managed to kayak on every continent including Antarctica. When not traveling, Bob splits his time between his homes in Marin and Truckee, California.




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Tossa Hayward grew up in Sausalito, and has developed a love for being in nature, especially on the water, through her experiences with kayaking, first as a toddler in the front of her dads boat, then as a Sea Trek camper in Sausalito and Tomales Bay, and finally as a guide. She spends most of her time out of doors, hiking, climbing and paddling, or in the theater, rehearsing for her next show. At Sea Trek you’ll find her leading the kid’s camps, or behind the rental desk on weekends.

Lauren Deremer



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​Lauren began her career in the non-profit sector at Tompkins Conservation learning from top philanthropists from all over the world. Subsequently, she spent five years working in sales & marketing at O.A.R.S. whitewater rafting and three in client services at Mountain Travel Sobek managing international trip packages for clients such as National Geographic Adventures and New York Times Journeys. Lauren is a Leave No Trace master educator, and recently completed her Wilderness First Responder training. In addition to sea kayak guiding for Sea Trek, she also enjoy rock climbing, sailing and paddle boarding with her border collie.”



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Over the past two decades Carey Bond has established a career as a diversified fitness and outdoor industry professional. As a host, producer and developer his television and radio credits include “Targeted Sports” on the Health Network, “Adventure Center” on the Outdoor Life Network and Sirius Satellite Radio and “Adventure Racing 101” on the Sportskool Network. Carey was a master instructor in the international launch of the Spinning indoor cycling program and co-lead educator in Equinox Fitness Club’s Fitness Training Institute. His video credits include “Plyosport” and Body Bar “Sports Zone.” ACA L3 Coastal SUP certified, Carey is a career paddle sports and adventure racing instructor for more than two decades and has worked for the Manhattan Kayak Company, Genesis Adventures, Discover Outdoors and Mike’s Paddle. With a graduate degree in industrial design and certificate degree in apparel design, Carey additionally has an extensive professional background in product design and development for outdoor and paddle sports. He is co-founder of Bluemonic and previously of Suplogix pioneers of the SUP EMG study with Travis Grant.




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Ali Lino is a native of Pt. Reyes Station in West Marin, started swimming on Tomales Bay at the age of two and has been drawn to the water ever since. She scuba dives, surfs and has been a rafting guide on many North American rivers. Ali started her career at Sea Trek when she was still in middle school. Now you’ll see her guiding our Sausalito and Tomales trips and helping out at the beach. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz in Fine Arts.



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Born and raised along the rugged coast of south central Alaska, Shannon MacDowell has pursued a career as a diversified movement, fitness and outdoor industry professional. With a BFA in dance from Rutgers University, she danced professionally in New York City with Amy Marshall Dance Company, David Grenke Projects and Gabrielle Lamb Dance. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor she worked for Elysium Fitness, Uplift Studios and Discover Outdoors. She was an ambassador for Vrou nutrition and Starboard SUP. ACA L3 Coastal SUP certified, Shannon has guided and instructed sea kayaking and stand up paddle boarding for the Manhattan Kayak Company, Discover Outdoors and Mike’s Paddle. She is co-founder of Bluemonic and previously of Suplogix pioneers of the SUP EMG study with Travis Grant.




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Alice’s love of sea kayaking began on the coast of South Carolina, where she became ACA certified to lead ecology centered scenic trips (for Outside Hilton Head). She brought her love of kayaking to the West coast in 2007, first immersing herself in Portland, Oregon’s whitewater kayaking scene, and is now thrilled to be taking full advantage of California’s magnificent ocean and Bay-based kayaking. She can usually be found at Sea Trek on the weekends, guiding trips or working on the dock.

Will G



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Will Glassberg started paddling kayaks at the age of thirteen, when he built his own wooden sea kayak and took it on a two week tour of Lake Champlain in Vermont. That boat stayed in Vermont when Will came out to California. Regardless of the coast Will loves getting out on the water with people, from guiding local trips under the Golden Gate Bridge or along the Sausalito waterfront to camping expeditions on Tomales Bay or the Sea of Cortez. When not at Sea Trek you may still be able to find him on the water with his wife, Ali, and dog, Boogie at their floating home in Waldo Point Harbor.




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Nathalie Garcia was born and raised in Southern Marin and spends more days on the water than off; whether it’s paddling, swimming or sailing. Nathalie is currently studying nursing on the east coast but is still able get time on the water by being an active member on her school’s sailing team. When at Sea Trek, you can find her behind the rental counter or having fun on the water.