Sea Trek Cares

For 37 years Sea Trek has loved and cared
for nature and our communities with your help


hundreds of kids on becoming stewards of the Bay

Giving Back

Thousands of dollars and in-kind donations to local caring Non- Profits

Sea Trek Regatta

annually benefits adventurers with disabilities with E.T.C.

You can help too

Grab a litter pick-me-up bag at our rental check-in counter

stepping up caring with you

Because of YOU and your love of paddling with us, we have been able to be an active leader in our communities for 35 years. Together we are helping to create a more sustainable, protected, and healthy bay. All the deeper personal experiences we have shared on the water, enriching connections with nature and people while adventuring, and education and awareness building has made a difference ~ we all feel it.

In 2017, we stepped it up and launched Sea Trek CARES™. Sea Trek CARES™ focuses even more resources on promoting, encouraging, and providing increased opportunities for greater community involvement and collaboration for bay conservation and stewardship.

Sea Trek recognizes the growing desire and need in our customers – just like you - to be more active stewards of Richardson and San Francisco Bay.

Our experience shows us that once people of any age feel a deeper appreciation, personal connection, and even a sense of ownership with the bay, they want to take some action (however minor) to care. We can’t thank you all enough for caring with us. Let’s see what the future brings together...

Learn about an exciting Sea Trek CARES™ collaboration...



The San Francisco Bay Area Alliance for Water, Wildlife, Connection and Caring.

Every organization involved in this alliance loves water and loves wildlife. We are all committed to delivering programs that enhance and inspire people’s lives in and around the Bay through providing on-water, on-land and online nature education and recreation experiences. Together, we believe we can provide our community with an even greater opportunity to build knowledge, love and compassion for our local environment by forming an experience hub, located at the Bay Model, that connects our own independently successful programs via multi-touch packages, events and camp experiences.