Wind & Weather Report at Sea Trek

Conditions can change rapidly. Use the wind and weather report as a guide to help you decide if it’s a good day for a paddle. For questions about the current conditions, give us a call at 415.332.8494.

Wind Forecast for Today

FAQs about weather

How do I know if it’s a good day to paddle?

Generally, there are two main factors people consider before paddling: temperature and wind conditions. Some paddlers prefer warm and sunny conditions, while others are fine with wearing layers and still enjoy paddling when it’s cool and overcast. However, the biggest factor here in Sausalito to consider is the wind conditions. 

How do I know what level wind I can paddle in?

In part this depends on whether you want to paddleboard or kayak. In general you’ll need to look for calmer conditions for Stand Up paddling as kayaks are easier to manage in the wind.

If you are a beginner Stand Up paddler look for conditions where the wind is 6mph or less. For more experienced SUPers you can go up to 8-10mph.

If you are a beginner kayaker but are physically active than anything under 8-10mph is reasonable. Otherwise look for calmer conditions.

More advanced kayakers are usually fine in conditions up to 12mph.

That said, the wind report is not always accurate and many times paddlers can still enjoy being on the water on windy days if they stick to our shoreline. Also, as a general rule of thumb, calmer conditions year-round–but especially during the summer–occur in the early morning hours.