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A Sea Kayak Expedition in Baja California Sur with Hiking and Snorkeling

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Mulege, Loreto, Baja Mexico


Oct. 18 – Oct. 27  2021
March 21 – March 30  2022


  • 70-80 miles of coastal wilderness
  • Long-distance adventure for intermediate-experienced kayakers
  • Opportunities for snorkeling and hiking
  • Local guides with long-standing connections in area
  • Pristine campsites along a rugged and mountainous coastline
  • Remote and seldom-visited fish camps and villages


The Sea Kayak route from Mulege to Loreto is one of the more remote routes along the Sea of Cortez. Starting near Mulege, a small oasis town to the north of Loreto, we take our kayaks past Conception Bay and down the eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula.

We’ll be spending approximately 4-6 hours per day paddling, so you should consider this trip if you have some previous kayaking experience. If this will be your first time on a sea kayak, consider trying one of our Coasts & Islands or Classic Islands trips first.

Once we push out into the water, we’ll be on our own. Your guides will have a basic plan to get you to Loreto in the next 10 days, and you should have plenty of time to explore the interesting areas you come across. There are no support craft, making for an expedition that is quiet, self-sufficient, and flexible in how far you travel each day. Depending on your guide and the makeup of your trip, your itinerary may look like this:


Your adventure begins with a Pre-trip orientation with your guides, on the afternoon before launch day. We will communicate and coordinate in advance with all guests the time and location for a comfortable outside meeting at a convenient location in town. At this orientation session, our guides will explain the trip in more detail, and answer any questions you may have. Afterward, you are free to explore Loreto for a place to get dinner—the guides will be happy to provide some recommendations!

Our trip starts on or near Conception Bay, a large inlet of water south of Mulege. There are several popular coastal campgrounds in the area. If the weather permits, we’ll cross the water and make our first camp on the more remote and unpopulated eastern edge of the bay.

Conception Bay works as a natural buffer against encroaching civilization, keeping us separated from the towns and noise that tend to develop around the federal highways. In fact, the protruding finger of land that forms the eastern coast of the bay is rugged and remote, with plenty of opportunity for exploration.

The Sea of Cortez is famous for its rich fishing grounds, and as we continue down the remote eastern coast of Baja California, you will encounter rugged artesanal fishing camps that are rarely visited. While we do catch our own fresh fish along the way, we may often trade with these locals as well for the daily catch!.

Our guides have been taking kayak trips down the coast for many years, and in that time they have built strong connections with local villages and communities. You may have the opportunity to visit a fishing village and learn about the local way of living.

Our guides have been taking kayak trips down the coast for many years, and in that time they have built strong connections with local villages and communities. You may have the opportunity to visit a fishing village and learn about the local way of living.

If the conditions and time permit, we like to include a stop at the fishing village of San Nicolas. From here you can hike to the nearby summit of Punta Púlpito, for a glimpse of the protected yacht harbor of San Basilio Bay, dotted with small islands that make for picturesque campsites.  

The rugged and remote territory we’ve been paddling through gradually gives way to expansive beaches, but there are still few signs of people or civilization. Some of the most isolated kayak trips you can take in Baja are between Mulege and Loreto.

Part of the reason for this isolation is the challenge. Along with the bay crossing on Day 1, there are several points in this expedition that may test your skills in a kayak. Fortunately, you are rewarded for your work with access to colorful, beautiful beaches that are perfect for camping.

Our last full paddle day takes us on another crossing, to nearby Isla Coronado, where we make our final camp. Created by prehistoric volcanoes, this island is surrounded by beautiful white beaches, and is close enough to Loreto that you can see its lights at night.

We paddle for Loreto in the morning, crossing back to the coast and hopefully getting to the take-out before noon. Once the equipment is loaded, it’s back to the hotel for a shower and rest, followed by a farewell dinner that night.

You have the day to yourself to explore the cobbled streets of Loreto, or to simply relax by the pool. We can arrange transportation to the airport, and the front desk will help you determine the best time. You bid goodbye to Loreto, richer for the experiences you’ve had and the memories you’ve created.


This trip begins at Loreto, then proceeds to Mulege for the put-in. Mulege is a small oasis town in the middle of a desert, with a population of less than 4,000.

While many people with the time and patience enjoy driving into Loreto from San Diego via Federal Highway 1, the easiest way is to fly into the nearby international airport. Alaska Air/Horizon flies directly to Loreto from Los Angeles, and AereoCalafia offers direct flights into Loreto from Tijuana. You can also try reaching the town by flying to La Paz or Cabo, and getting a connecting flight or other form of transportation from there. Contact us for more information on traveling to Loreto.

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Hotel accommodations are not included in the trip package. You will want to book accommodations for at least the night before the first published day of the trip, and then again for the night of the last published day of the trip. For our confirmed clients, we are pleased to offer the services of our preferred Travel Planners, to assist with all of your flight and hotel needs. Although limited in number, visitors to Loreto have lodging choices that range from Luxury to budget. Our travel planner will assist you in determining lodging that fits your preferences. Our Travel planners are seasoned Baja veterans, and will help you find the best flight arrangements as well, so that your trip planning is smooth and efficient.

Packing List

You’ll be provided a detailed, official packing list upon reserving a trip with Paddling South & Sea Trek, but you may wish to keep the following list in mind while you prepare:

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Sea Trek Baja trip. Organized by Steve, led by Juve and Sarah as close to perfection as possible. Petting wild baby whales, paddleboarding across a glass like Sea of Cortez, sleeping under the stars. The perfect celebration with good friends, great fresh food and too much wine. This is a GREAT trip!!!!

Elizabeth S.Mill Valley, CA

This is a terrific place to rent kayaks in marin but even better they also organize snorkeling, kayak, camping trips in Loretta Mexico in the Baja. I just took a trip there with my friend and it was a trip I'll NEVER forget. Turquoise waters , mind blowing snorkeling, The best guides , really cute panga drivers that cook delicious healthy meals. We felt reborn when it was finished. I can't recommend it enough. Loreto is a sweet authentic Mexican town.

Kathryn S.Sausalito, CA

Sea Trek did a great job in organizing this trip, from meeting us at the airport, getting us set up at our excellent hotel on the water in Loreto, taking us out to Magdalena Bay to see the Gray whales, and organizing the kayaking and camping in Loreto Bay.

Everything was first class with Sea Trek in Loreto. The scenery was spectacular. There were times it felt surreal and we said to each other “are we really experiencing all this beauty?” The food was awesome — lots of it and great tasting. In addition everything was safe and clean with regards to the food. The guides were excellent.

I highly recommend taking the courses offered by Seatrek since they'll help you enjoy your kayaking experience that much more. I also think anyone who can, should go on their trip to Baja Mexico. I went a few years ago and still talk about how incredible an experience it was. The trip involves camping on beaches in the Sea of Cortez for a week. The guides will cook for you and you'll see a ton of marine life, I even had dolphins come up and swim beside me while I was snorkeling.

Bryan B.Brooklyn, NY

This is a trip I’ll NEVER forget.pristine turquoise waters, a large variety of fish species to see, knowledgeable guides, whale watching and tasty food prepared by our guides.

kstrietmannSausalito, California

The Sea Trek staff were excellent! Art and Grey were our guides; Talo was the Pangorero (drove the support boat) and Steve made sure everything done in the background was both perfect and seamless.

We couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable, accommodating and entertaining guides and staff. With prime attention to safety and comfort, this supported expedition was appropriate for our group of paddlers whose kayaking skills ranged from novice to expert. The food was outstanding – with local fish periodically caught in the afternoon and served fresh for dinner.

We would highly recommend this Sea Trek supported kayaking expedition for anyone considering exploring the Sea of Cortez and the coast of Baja Sur California, Mexico by kayak.

trekayakGreenbrae, California

The Classic Island and Whale Watch tour was an incredible experience. The guides were pleasant, organized, knowledgeable, accommodating, and excellent chefs! Each individual in our group was asked what they were most interested in doing/seeing during the tour and our guides delivered. We have already recommended Sea Trek to friends and family.



Covid Vaccination required of all Baja Trip participants.

Ages 14 years old and up. Please call for questions about kids under 14 years old.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.+