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intro to surfski

Introductory Surfski Class

Highlights Efficiency and technique Safety equipment Remounts Stability Risk tolerance CLASS DESCRIPTION Whether you’re curious, want to go fast on waves, or improve your paddling fitness, this class is suitable for beginner to advanced sea kayakers and people with zero experience as we will break down the specific technique for…
May 26, 2023
Lady learning how to paddle her sit on top kayak through the waters of Richardson Bay by Sausalito, CA

Sit-On-Top Kayak Class

Highlights Focus on safe paddling Learn kayak strokes for efficient paddling Gain the confidence to rent from Sea Trek and paddle on your own Includes short kayak tour Expert instruction CLASS DESCRIPTION In this three-hour class we emphasize safety on the water by reviewing tides and currents, local weather patterns,…
June 8, 2020
Guided kayak tour out in Sausalito California. Enjoying the tranquilities of nature just a short drive from San Francisco.

Scenic Sausalito Kayak Tour

Highlights Short kayak trip along Sausalito’s waterfront See local wildlife View the houseboat community Learn basics of kayaking Professional guides ensure a safe, fun experience SEE A NEW SIDE OF SAUSALITO We start from our location at the Bay Model, where everyone gets equipped with life jackets, paddles, and our…
June 26, 2020
how to hold a kayak paddle

Introductory Sea Kayaking Class

Highlights Learn essential rescues Expert instructors Build your confidence on the water Have fun! CLASS DESCRIPTION When you are just starting out as a kayaker, it’s important to build your confidence along with your skills. This all-day weekend class is dedicated to building enough of a knowledge base that you…
June 8, 2020
2 girls learning how to upright their flipped kayak during a class with Sea Trek during a class in Sausalito, CA

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Class

Highlights Prerequisite: Must have taken Introductory Sea Kayaking class within the last 3 months Refine your strokes Practice your rescues Expert instruction Build your boat handling skills CLASS DESCRIPTION Paddling your sea kayak in the open water can be much more difficult than paddling in protected areas. The intermediate paddling…
June 8, 2020
couple kayaks outside of San Francisco beneath a full moon

Full Moon Kayak Tour

Highlights Nighttime kayak trip along Sausalito’s waterfront Learn the basics of sea kayaking Professional guides ensure a safe, fun experience Experience the local houseboat community See resident harbor seals along our route Enjoy views of the S.F. skyline as the moon rises A MOONLIT PADDLE THROUGH SAUSALITO’S WATERFRONT We paddle…
June 2, 2020
A family enjoying the Take the Kids Kayak Tour with Sea Trek out of Sausalito, California

Sausalito Take the Kids Kayak Tour

Highlights Fun introduction to kayaking basics A chance to explore Sausalito’s waterfront Pace geared toward families and children Views of local wildlife Professional guides keep your trip safe and entertaining ENJOY A KAYAK TRIP FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY We start from our location in Bay Model, and get everyone equipped…
June 25, 2020
starting your kayak roll

Advanced Sea Kayaking Class

Highlights Prerequisites: Introductory Sea Kayaking, Intermediate Sea Kayaking Practice rescues in Raccoon Strait Paddle to Angel Island Refine your skills Expert instructors CLASS DESCRIPTION This class tests your advanced kayaking skills in rough water conditions. We'll paddle to Angel Island across  the deep water channel called  Raccoon Strait. In this…
June 8, 2020

Introductory Stand-Up Paddleboard Class

Highlights Learn the basic strokes Get comfortable on the boards Expert instruction Calm protected waters CLASS DESCRIPTION This 2 – 2.5-hour class teaches you the basics of stand-up paddling. We’ll spend the first 30 minutes on land demonstrating paddling technique followed by hands on practice. Next, we go over launching…
June 8, 2020
Kayaking to the golden gate bridge

Golden Gate ‘N Back Kayak Tour

Highlights See the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from the water More paddling than our Paddle the Gate trip Dramatic views of Alcatraz and Angel Island Professional guides will keep you entertained TRAVEL FROM SAUSALITO TO THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE This trip is similar to our Paddle the Gate Kayak Tour…
June 2, 2020
Intermediate Stand-Up Paddleboard class at Sea Trek where the instructor is teaching the student better technique.

Intermediate Stand-Up Paddleboard Class

Highlights Prerequisite: Introductory SUP class within the last year Improve your technique Learn new strokes Expert instruction Build your board handling skills CLASS DESCRIPTION Ready to progress your SUP paddling? This 2 – 2.5-hour class will help bring your SUP skills up to speed. Learn how to increase your efficiency…
June 8, 2020
Advanced SUP class at Sea Trek where the instructor is teaching the student advanced turning techniques.

Advanced Stand-Up Paddleboard Class

Highlights Prerequisites: Introductory SUP, Intermediate SUP Refine your technique Learn advanced strokes and footwork Expert instruction Build efficiency and endurance CLASS DESCRIPTION Interested in joining a tour or excursion? This class will prepare you for the dynamic waters of the open Bay and take your paddling to the next level.…
June 8, 2020
Paddle the Gate Kayak Tour - 3 Hours

Paddle the Gate Kayak Tour

Highlights Take a kayak under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge See the natural beauty along the Marin Headlands Receive a thorough kayaking orientation from our guides An exciting 3-hour trip under an American landmark SEE THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE—FROM BELOW! We start from Horseshoe Cove. Because this trip can deal…
June 2, 2020
Group of Stand Up Paddleboarders heading out into Richardson Bay on their Sausalito SUP Tour

Sausalito SUP Tour

Highlights Explore Richardson Bay on a stand-up paddleboard Views of Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island An excellent learning opportunity for novice paddlers Professional and friendly guides 2 hours TAKE A STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD DOWN THE SAUSALITO WATERFRONT Starting from Sea Trek’s location at the Bay Model in Sausalito, we’ll get you outfitted…
June 16, 2020
Kayakers learning to navigate rougher waters with the Angel Island Skills Package - offered at Sea Trek

Sea Kayak Skills Class Package

Highlights Sign up for all three classes and save money Introductory Sea Kayaking Intermediate Sea Kayaking Advanced Sea Kayaking Take all three and become a competent paddler CLASS DESCRIPTION Do you already know that you want to become an advanced kayaker, even though you haven’t yet taken your first class?…
June 8, 2020
SUP yoga in the SF Bay

OnBoardSUP Yoga & Fitness Classes

Highlights Practice yoga outdoors Better understanding of centering and grounding Take your yoga to a new level Bring balance to your life! Meet other fun yogis! Includes the SUP board CLASS DESCRIPTION OnBoardSUP classes are traditional yoga, Pilates, and core fitness classes taught on the water on floating boards. Your…
June 8, 2020
tandem sea kayaking at sunset

Starlight Kayak Tour

Highlights Nighttime kayak trip along Sausalito’s waterfront Learn the basics of sea kayaking Professional guides ensure a safe, fun experience Experience the local houseboat community See resident harbor seals along our route Enjoy views of the S.F. skyline at night PADDLE BY STARLIGHT DOWN SAUSALITO’S COASTLINE We paddle from our…
June 2, 2020
Sea Trek kayak rescue class where the students are learning advanced techniques of how to upright a kayak in open water.

Rescues Sea Kayak Class

Highlights Prerequisite: Introductory Kayaking class Practice essential rescues Enhance your safety on the water Learn new rescues Expert Instruction CLASS DESCRIPTION One of the essential skills for any sea kayaker’s safety on the water is knowing rescues. In this class we’ll focus on the paddle float and T-rescues, with opportunity…
June 8, 2020
A sole kayaker on a beautiful day paddling out to Drakes Estero on a guided kayaking tour

Drakes Estero Full Day

Highlights Secluded wilderness a short drive from the Bay Area A day exploring a pristine estuary full of wildlife Drakes Estero has one of the largest concentrations of harbor seals on the west coast A short hike for views of Drakes Bay and the ocean Lunch on a beach Incredible…
May 2, 2020
kayaking underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Coastal Paddle Adventure

Highlights Prerequisites: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Sea Kayaking classes, ability to paddle 8-10 miles Paddle under the Golden Gate Bridge Learn about coastal paddling and open ocean conditions Practice in the surf zone (landing & launching) Lunch on a beach along the coast Exploring sea caves (assuming relatively calm conditions)…
April 3, 2020

Frequent Paddler Pass

$175 for 10 hours kayak & SUP rental in both locations!

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The Perks:

Can be used in Sausalito or Alameda
Can be used for up to 4 people at once
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Tuesday, April 23

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