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Introducing Instructional Bundles!

Looking for a way to not just learn new skills but practice and retain them? Then check out our Sea Trek Instructional bundles! What are bundles? Bundles are a collection of classes, tours and trips that enable students to ensure they’re not just learning but using and practicing new skills…
Laura Zulliger
July 26, 2023

Harbor Seal Pupping in Sausalito, California

Richardson Bay is home to a large harbor sea population and you’ve probably seen these curious seals lounging on the Sea Trek Sausalito dock or swimming around the Bay. Spring brings pupping season for our harbor seal community and many new seals are born on the safety of Sea Trek’s…
Laura Zulliger
May 3, 2023

Encounters with Leviathan

Reprinted with permission from the Winter 2010 issue of California Kayaker Magazine . Gray whale in British Columbia- phot by Shutterstock/Tom Middleton The female Gray whale slid through gunmetal gray water past the jutting Point Reyes Peninsula, tinsel streamers of rain pockmarking the turgid ocean swell. Gulls hovered overhead, kiting…
Sea Trek Team
November 13, 2019

Frequent Paddler Pass

$175 for 10 hours kayak & SUP rental in both locations!

Save 50% on your next kayak or SUP rental.

The Perks:

Can be used in Sausalito or Alameda
Can be used for up to 4 people at once
Never expires

Purchase your Frequent Paddler Pass on your next visit to Sea Trek!

Saturday, May 25

Sausalito Hours

April 1 – May 31 
Monday – Sunday  9am – 5pm

Alameda Hours

April 6th – May 31st
Monday – Friday 9 am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday 9 am – 5pm