sea trek

Unlimited Days of Local Paddling

Monthly Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited days of Kayak and Sup Rental (3 hr/day)
  • Surfskis and race boards
  • Members only hours and group paddles
  • Kids in same family 15 and under FREE
  • Special rental rate for guests
  • Easy check in and out process
  • Local Trip and Class discount
  • Discounted membership for families
  • 50% off intro to Kayak or SUP class
  • $15 off OnBoardSUP Yoga Classes
  • Discount on take away rentals

The Fine Print

Guest rate is $15/ hour per person
10% off local trips and classes
One-time 50% off intro to Kayak and SUP class
Discounted family membership is for 2 or more adults living in the same household
Take away rentals are allowed on case by case review of skills and conditions member will be in. Price is $45/ day.

Sea Trek Membership Partner

  • Rent Kayaks or SUPs from Santa Barbara Paddle Sports Center
    and get special pricing, 50% off, as a Sea Trek Member


1 person (16+ years): $65/ month $30 initiation
2 person (16+ years): $120/ month $60 initiation
3 person (16+ years): $165/ month $90 initiation
4 person (16+ years): $200/ month $120 initiation

Join in 3 easy steps

  1. Complete membership contract
  2. Pay first month dues and initiation
  3. Review safety guidelines with Sea Trek Manager
  4. Sign up Today

Check out our new annual membership

Get all the benefits of the monthly membership plus
10 days of paddling at 5 iconic destinations in California.