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Kayak Tour based in Meditation, Self-Discovery, and More with Mark Coleman

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Loreto, Baja California Sur


November 7 – 14, 2021
March 4 – 11, 2022



  • Kayaking around the islands near Loreto
  • Led by Mark Coleman/Awake in the Wild
  • Breathtaking natural beauty throughout your trip
  • Experienced guides steeped in local knowledge
  • Opportunities to meditate in peaceful natural environs


Sea Trek is happy to offer an Insight meditation and sea kayaking retreat in the pristine wilderness of the Sea of Cortez. When you go on this trip, you get the same experience as our Classic Islands trip, but with a focus on mindfulness meditation within the beauty of nature.

Meditation practitioner Mark Coleman has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1984. He is a Spirit Rock Meditation Teacher and has been teaching Insight meditation retreats in nature since 2002, based on his book, Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery. With Mark on this retreat, you have an experienced outdoors man and meditation guide who can help you see how immersion in nature is a profound way to cultivate awareness, joy, peace and insight.

This mindfulness retreat will be held entirely in serene silence. We will cultivate mindful awareness through sitting, walking and movement meditations (meditating approximately 6-8 times during the day. Mark will guide practices each day to deepen a contemplative relationship to nature. He will also offer talks and group and individual meetings to support participant’s meditation practice. There will also be time to explore the natural surroundings in a contemplative way through paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and walking in this spectacular setting.


We’ll meet each in the afternoon at our quiet hotel in the desert mountains south of Loreto. We’ll come together for a thorough orientation. Your guides will answer any questions you have, and share the flow of the coming days.

The day begins with breakfast, and then a short stroll down to the waters/beach edge where you will receive a basic kayaking lesson and our safety orientation. Afterwards, we all pack our kayaks with our personal day gear, leaving the rest for the support boat, and make the three-mile crossing to Isla Danzante. On the paddle, after getting comfortable with our paddling we go into silence. We then set up our first camp on the island after lunch. We will camp on this beach for 2 nights. In the afternoon Mark will give a more complete orientation to meditation in nature orientation, silence and the mindfulness practices he’ll be sharing through the week. After lunch there is some time to rest, bathe, swim or explore the water through paddling and snorkeling, all within the context of mindful awareness before welcome together to meditate again and hear a Dharma talk from Mark and practice some more. We then have dinner and meditate under the moon and stars.

Every day we will enjoy exquisite, serene and often breathtaking sunrises. We wake up at dawn and meditate while the sun rises over the Sea of Cortez creating a splendor of colors in the sky and on the water. As the sun rises it casts light on the jagged promontories of Isla Danzante, which is a sight to behold. Then we all practice some Qi Gong together, some simple mindful movement exercises and then much awaited hot coffee and tea, and another meditation before breakfast. This is one of 3 more intensive meditation days, where we spend the morning diving deeper into sitting and walking meditation practices. Mark will meet with everyone to discuss meditation practice in small groups. The afternoon / evening unfolds similar to Day 2.

After paddling along the coast of Isla Danzante, we make a second beautiful crossing, this time to Isla del Carmen, located northeast of Danzante. We will do some floating meditations on the water as we cross. Keep an eye out for pods of dolphins during the crossing, or even a whale! We then set up our second camp on the tip of this beautiful, wild and rugged island after lunch. We will camp on this beach for 2-3 nights. After setting up camp on Isla del Carmen after lunch, the afternoon and evening unfolds like in Day 2.

After enjoying another exquisite, serene and often breathtaking sunrise we practice Qi gong and meditate up on a beautiful desert mesa. Then we enjoy another have a hearty breakfast. This is the second of intensive meditation days, where we spend the morning diving deeper into sitting and walking meditation practices. In small groups Mark will meet with everyone to discuss meditation practice in small groups The afternoon / evening unfolds similar to Day 2. Another day on Isla de Carmen will give you additional time for deeper appreciation of the to contemplate the natural beauty all around you. The waters of the Sea of Cortez are breathtaking, often appearing a light turquoise color, and the desert landscape all around provides a stark yet pleasing contrast.

We have spent two nights on Isla del Carmen, so in the morning we’ll paddle again to set up camp at a new location, on a beautiful wide beach facing wildly rugged mountains. There’s more opportunity for exploration and awe as sunset changes the colors on the rock faces of the Sierra de la Giganta range. After setting up camp after lunch, the afternoon and evening unfolds like in Day 2.

After a week in silence to support the meditative process, with several periods of meditation daily as well as time for discussion, talks on the themes of meditation in nature and opportunities for one-to-one work with the Mark Coleman your whole being will be replenished in the spirit and awe of nature. Today will be a day to reflect on your experience, and drink in the last days of this rich and unique environment. This is the last of the more intensive meditation days, where we spend the morning diving deeper into sitting and walking meditation practices. Mark will speak meditation practice and taking the practice back into our lives back home. The afternoon / evening unfolds similar to Day 2.

We watch the sun rise over the Sea of Cortez one last time, making fiery colors briefly appear on the turquoise-hued water and we bid goodbye to this magnificent piece of the planet. We’ll have breakfast, pack up, and paddle back to Puerto Escondido for the take-out, where a van will be waiting to take us back to Loreto. After a final seaside lunch or snack, it is back to town or to the airport, your head filled with the past week’s experiences, your heart looking forward to your next adventure


This trip begins at Loreto. Located on the lower part of the eastern gulf coastline, this town has long been a destination for people seeking a wilderness adventure.

While many people with the time and patience enjoy driving into Loreto from San Diego via Federal Highway 1, the easiest way is to fly into the nearby international airport. Alaska Air/Horizon flies directly to Loreto from Los Angeles, and AereoCalafia offers direct flights into Loreto from Tijuana. There is also now a once a week flight on American via Dallas or Phoenix.  You can also try reaching the town by flying to La Paz or Cabo, and getting a connecting flight or other form of transportation from there. Contact us for more information on traveling to Loreto.


Meditation Teacher
Mark has practiced Buddhist meditation since 1984. He is a Spirit Rock Meditation Teacher and has been teaching Insight meditation retreats since 1997. He also leads wilderness meditation retreats from Alaska to Peru, integrating mindfulness meditation with nature. Mark is author of Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery. He is a counselor/ life-coach and mindfulness consultant to corporations. He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast and passionate about combining the forces of meditation, silence and nature.




Hotel accommodations prior to “Day 1” of the trip, and for the night of “day 8” are not included in the trip package. Please consult your Sea Trek trip coordinator for details on available arrival and departure dates and times. For our confirmed clients, we are pleased to offer the services of our preferred Travel Planners, to assist with all of your flight and hotel needs. Although limited in number, visitors to Loreto have lodging choices that range from Luxury to budget. Our travel planner will assist you in determining lodging that fits your preferences. Our Travel planners are seasoned Baja veterans, and will help you find the best flight arrangements as well, so that your trip planning is smooth and efficient.

Packing List

You’ll be provided a detailed, official packing list upon reserving a trip with Sea Trek, but you may wish to keep the following list in mind while you prepare:

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Sea Trek Baja trip. Organized by Steve, led by Juve and Sarah as close to perfection as possible. Petting wild baby whales, paddleboarding across a glass like Sea of Cortez, sleeping under the stars. The perfect celebration with good friends, great fresh food... This is a GREAT trip!!!!

Elizabeth S.Mill Valley, CA

This is a terrific place to rent kayaks in marin but even better they also organize snorkeling, kayak, camping trips in Loretta Mexico in the Baja. I just took a trip there with my friend and it was a trip I'll NEVER forget. Turquoise waters , mind blowing snorkeling, The best guides , really cute panga drivers that cook delicious healthy meals. We felt reborn when it was finished. I can't recommend it enough. Loreto is a sweet authentic Mexican town.

Kathryn S.Sausalito, CA

Sea Trek did a great job in organizing this trip, from meeting us at the airport, getting us set up at our excellent hotel on the water in Loreto, taking us out to Magdalena Bay to see the Gray whales, and organizing the kayaking and camping in Loreto Bay.

Everything was first class with Sea Trek in Loreto. The scenery was spectacular. There were times it felt surreal and we said to each other “are we really experiencing all this beauty?” The food was awesome — lots of it and great tasting. In addition everything was safe and clean with regards to the food. The guides were excellent.

I highly recommend taking the courses offered by Seatrek since they'll help you enjoy your kayaking experience that much more. I also think anyone who can, should go on their trip to Baja Mexico. I went a few years ago and still talk about how incredible an experience it was. The trip involves camping on beaches in the Sea of Cortez for a week. The guides will cook for you and you'll see a ton of marine life, I even had dolphins come up and swim beside me while I was snorkeling.

Bryan B.Brooklyn, NY

This is a trip I’ll NEVER forget.pristine turquoise waters, a large variety of fish species to see, knowledgeable guides, whale watching and tasty food prepared by our guides.

kstrietmannSausalito, California

The Sea Trek staff were excellent! Art and Grey were our guides; Talo was the Pangorero (drove the support boat) and Steve made sure everything done in the background was both perfect and seamless.

We couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable, accommodating and entertaining guides and staff. With prime attention to safety and comfort, this supported expedition was appropriate for our group of paddlers whose kayaking skills ranged from novice to expert. The food was outstanding – with local fish periodically caught in the afternoon and served fresh for dinner.

We would highly recommend this Sea Trek supported kayaking expedition for anyone considering exploring the Sea of Cortez and the coast of Baja Sur California, Mexico by kayak.

trekayakGreenbrae, California

The Classic Island and Whale Watch tour was an incredible experience. The guides were pleasant, organized, knowledgeable, accommodating, and excellent chefs! Each individual in our group was asked what they were most interested in doing/seeing during the tour and our guides delivered. We have already recommended Sea Trek to friends and family.



Covid Vaccination required of all Baja Trip participants.

Ages 18 years old and up. Please call for questions about kids under 18 years old.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.+